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Thessaloniki man, 35, becomes youngest coronavirus victim in Greece




A 35-year-old Thessaloniki man has become one of the latest victims of the coronavirus in Greece, with the father of a young child being the youngest recorded coronavirus death in Greece.

According to a report by NewsIt.gr, the man was reportedly in excellent physical condition and did not suffer from any underlying disease.

“The only thing I can confirm at the moment is the death of the 35-year-old, which has really shocked me.¬†From there and beyond, I will leave most of the announcements and the details of the death for the official body of the Ministry of Health”, says ICU director of the ‘Agios Dimitrios’ hospital, Glykeria Vlachogianni.

“The result had nothing to do with fitness. In the end, all this is very wild, which happens from one moment to the next. We gave our fight, but unfortunately when you lose a man at this age, you can’t accept it, it hurts twice. The 35-year-old entered the intensive care unit in the early hours of Saturday and was intubated”, he adds.

According to additional information provided by newsit.gr, the man was hospitalised with pneumonia, at Agios Dimitrios hospital. The first test for a coronary artery, in which he underwent a test, came out negative. However, his condition deteriorated rapidly and he was intubated and admitted to the intensive care unit.

The 35-year-old man lived in Thessaloniki as a carpenter, was married and was the father of one child.

According to official data released on Monday evening, there were only 10 new confirmed cases from Sunday to Monday, raising the total number of infections in the country to 2,245. The death toll now stands at a total of 119 victims.

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