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The Greek businessman serving up tiropites at the frontline of the bushfires




This years bushfires have left the entire country in devastation, with more and more Australians feeling inclined to do whatever they can to help.

Undoubtedly, there are some magical moments that emerge when an entire country is in a mutual crisis. One of these moments is when people are able to combine their different skills to assist in different ways.

This is exactly what Peter Papoulidis from Trireme Group has been doing.

Peter has been using supplies from his Greek importation business to cook and serve 7Days Greek pastries to firefighters during the bushfire disaster.

 “With volunteer firefighters stretched to the limits of human endurance, and tired of sausage sizzles for lunch, the Greek tiropites have been a very welcomed change to the firefighters of the Southern Highlands,” said Peter.

He has been most active with the Balmoral Village NSW Rural Fire Brigade, and being at the forefront has allowed him to truly feel the devastation. With over 20 homes lost in the community, Peter says the community’s spirit has remained “unbroken”.

“I just felt the need to do my little bit, I knew I had a product that would be appreciated as it can be consumed at room temperature, and is extremely versatile for the needs of firefighters,” says Peter.

“I was concerned the product may have been a bit strange and new but all my concerns vanished in no time at all as everyone loved them.”

Along with the firefighters were family members of the firefighters and residents that had lost their homes.

“It breaks my heart to see kids that witnessed their homes burn to the ground. A child views their home as their safe sanctuary. One can only imagine the feeling of vulnerability a child would experience seeing their family home go up in flames,” said Peter.

Peter would like to thank everyone that helped him throughout the summer, including his supplier Hudson’s Pacific who donated one dollar for every dollar worth of stock ordered, once they realised what the stock was used for. 

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