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Taste of Greece comes to MasterChef Australia




A unique surprise is waiting the fans of cooking show MasterChef Australia on Channel 10 today. For the show’s Greek friends in particular, Wednesday’s episode is expected to be more than special. 

According to a teaser trailer, contestants will visit the colourful ‘Temple of the Boom’ (a Parthenon-replica) at the National Gallery of Victoria, before preparing for a cooking service challenge based on Greek cuisine. 

The Temple of Boom.

In the trailer, one contestant can be heard saying “Opa,” while another appears to be dancing to Greek music.

“We want to see Greek food, but we want to see it reimagined,” one judge stressed. 

Whether it is souvlaki, tzatziki or another traditional Greek recipe transformed, one thing is sure, today’s MasterChef episode is going to have a Greek taste!

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