Sydney mechanic Mark Daskalakis convicted over misleading inspections


PSC Racing and Automotive mechanic, Mark Daskalakis from Sydney’s west has been fined for producing fraudulent pink slips for vehicles he had never seen and fabricating brake test results.

According to The Daily Telegraph, 44-year-old Daskalakis appeared in Penrith Local Court after pleading guilty to four charges of supplying false or misleading documents; five counts of submitting false or misleading inspection reports; and one count of violating a requirement of examiners’ authority.

PSC Racing & Automotive yard
PSC Racing & Automotive yard. Photo: The Daily Telegraph.

Daskalakis acknowledged producing inspection reports without ever seeing the cars, instead relying on the judgment of a third-party mobile mechanic who paid him for the reports.

Prosecutor for Transport NSW told the court Daskalakis’ breach of trust and the risk to public safety were key issues of the offences.

“He was appointed in a position of trust to inspect vehicles for the purposes of inspections and to certify they are roadworthy, these matters go straight to the heart of public safety if we have cars on the road that do not pass,” Prosecutor for NSW Transport said.

Both Daslakis and his business PSC Racing and Automotive were convicted on all counts and fined a total of $20,700.

Source: The Daily Telegraph




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