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Sydney Greek schools smash top 150 rankings in 2020 HSC




Students at St Spyridon College, St Euphemia and All Saints Grammar have done their schools proud in this year’s HSC, earning incredible individual marks and contributing to their school’s overall ranking.

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St Spyridon College

St Spyridon College continues to remain in the Top 100 schools list this year, ranking 74th out of approximately 750 secondary schools across the state. The school ranked in the top 11% in NSW, with up to 100 students earning at least a band 5 in one or more subjects.

Peter Ganis had an incredible year at the college and received the highest ATAR at St Spyridon, receiving over 90 in four subjects and narrowly missing out on an all-rounders award.

See the full list of St Spyridon’s distinguished achievers below:

  • Peter Ganis – ATAR 98.15. Biology, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Mathematics Advanced.
  • Paris Mousamas – ATAR 97.60. English Advanced, English Ext. 1, Legal Studies, Modern History, History Extension.
  • Chadey Bteddini – ATAR 96.95. Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced.
  • Nickola Kondou – ATAR 96.50. Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics Advanced.
  • Anastasia Reeve – ATAR 96.05. Ancient History, Economics, English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced.
  • James Zouroudis – ATAR 96.05. Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics Advanced.
  • Georgia Varvaritis – ATAR 95.10. Business Studies, Legal Studies, PDHPE.
  • Nicola Skouteris – ATAR 94.95. English Advanced, English Ext. 1, Legal Studies, Modern History.
  • Roza Papas – ATAR 94.55. Chemistry, Design and Technology, Mathematics Ext. 1, Mathematics Advanced (Nomination for SHAPE 2020 Exhibition)
  • Paul Bessiris – ATAR 94.50. Mathematics Ext.2
  • Nicholas Drakoulis – ATAR 93.30. Business Studies, Economics
  • Efthimia Kollias – ATAR 92.70. Design and Technology, PDHPE, (Nomination for SHAPE 2020 Exhibition)
  • Nicoletta Tsimboukis – ATAR 91.90. English Ext. 1, Legal Studies, PDHPE.
  • George Hatzidis – ATAR 90.10. Legal Studies
  • Alyssa Alas. Legal Studies
  • Zali Albertiri. Visual Arts
  • Stephanie Andreou. Food Technology Legal Studies PDHPE
  • Marissa Diakoumis. IDT Examination
  • Chloe Drougas. Visual Arts
  • James Hristeff. Legal Studies
  • Anna Papas. Food Technology
  • Frances-Lee Pascalis. Drama, PDHPE (Nomination for OnSTAGE)
  • Jordan Polyzos. PDHPE
  • Amin Shokri. Legal Studies
  • Michael Xeras. Visual Arts
  • Mihalis Dovellos. 5th in State for Modern Greek Cont.
  • Teoni Antonopoulos. Modern Greek Cont.
  • Gianni Keramitzis. Modern Greek Cont.
Top (L to R): Peter Ganis, Paris Mousamas, Chadey Bteddini, Nickola Kondou, Nickola Kondou, Anastasia Reeve, James Zouroudis, Georgia Varvaritis.
Second Row (L to R): Nicola Skouteris, Roza Papas, Paul Bessiris, Nicholas Drakoulis, Efthimia Kollias, Nicoletta Tsimboukis, George Hatzidis.
Third Row (L to R): Alyssa Alas, Zali Albertiri, Stephanie Andreou, Marissa Diakoumis, Chloe Drougas, James Hristeff, Anna Papas.
Bottom (L to R): Frances-Lee Pascalis, Jordan Polyzos, Amin Shokri, Michael Xeras, Mihalis Dovellos, Teoni Antonopoulos, Gianni Keramitzis.

St Euphemia

St Euphemia also enjoyed a highly successful year in the 2020 HSC. The school ranked in the top 16% in New South Wales, ranking 104th in the state.

Angeliki Georgakopoulou was the highest achieving student at the school, earning an ATAR of 99.7. Angeliki also placed 18th in the State for English Advanced, 3rd in the State Studies of Religion II, and achieved a band 6 in English Extension 1.

See the full list of St Euphemia’s distinguished achievers below:

  • Angeliki Georgakopoulou – ATAR 99.7. 18th in State English Advanced, English Extension 1, 3rd in State Studies of Religion II.
  • Patrick Anastasiou – ATAR 98.95. 5th in State Business Studies, English Advanced, Legal Studies, Mathematics Adv.
  • Nicholas Vetsikas – ATAR 96.85. Economics, English Advanced, Mathematics Std 2, 16th in State PDHPE, Modern Greek Cont.
  • Sophia Vetsikas – ATAR 95.7. Business Studies, Design & Technology (Nomination for Shape 2020 Exhibition), English Advanced, Modern Greek Cont.
  • Katerina Iosifidis – ATAR 94.5. Business Studies, English Advanced, Food Technology, Legal Studies.
  • Philippa Mihos – ATAR 93.8. English Advanced, PDHPE.
  • Catherine Louskos – ATAR 93.6. English Advanced, Food Technology, Studies of Religion II.
  • Michael Wait – ATAR 92.75. English Advanced, Studies of Religion II.
  • Efstathios John Dimitropoulos – ATAR 90.6. English Advanced.
  • Michael Alavanos. Modern Greek Cont.
  • Marell Bito. Modern History
  • Steven Makras. Design & Technology.
  • Helena Mavropoulos. Modern Greek Cont.
  • Nathan Nathanael. Design & Technology, Music 1.
  • Athan Nicolacopoulos. Legal Studies, PDHPE.
  • Marina Tanuos. Design & Technology (Nomination for Shape 2020 Exhibition)
Top (L to R): Angeliki Georgakopoulou, Patrick Anastasiou, Nicholas Vetsikas, Sophia Vetsikas, Katerina Iosifidis, Philippa Mihos.
Middle (L to R): Catherine Louskos, Michael Wait, Efstathios John Dimitropoulos, Michael Alavanos, Marell Bito.
Bottom (L to R): Steven Makras, Helena Mavropoulos, Nathan Nathanael, Athan Nicolacopoulos, Marina Tanuos.

All Saints Grammar

All Saints Grammar students showed a tremendous effort during a very difficult year, with nine students making the distinguished achievers list and achieving a band 6 in one or more subjects.

Zoe-Vasilia Fountotos smashed her HSC exams becoming the schools highest achieving student, achieving an ATAR of 97.4. Zoe was also awarded an All-Rounders award for earning a band 6 in at least 10 units.

See the full list of All Saints Grammar’s distinguished achievers below:

  • Zoe-Vasilia Fountotos – ATAR 97.4. 2 Unit English Advanced, 2 Unit Modern History, 2 Unit Classical Greek Continuers, 1 Unit Classical Greek Extension, 2 Unit Modern Greek Continuers, 1 Unit Modern Greek Extension.
  • Mia Crnogorac – ATAR 91.1. 2 Unit Legal Studies, 2 Unit Modern History.
  • Chengyu Li. 2 Unit Mathematics Advanced.
  • Thomas Koutavas. Mathematics Extension 2
  • Eleni Grouva. 2 Unit Modern Greek Continuers, 1 Unit Modern Greek Extension.
  • Chrysovalantou Saroukos. 2 Unit Modern Greek Continuers, 2 Unit Visual Arts.
  • Stamatia Stathakopoulou. 2 Unit Modern Greek Continuers
  • Victoria Kyrakides. 2 Unit Modern Greek Continuers, 1 Unit Modern Greek Extension.
  • Gina Zhang. 2 Unit Music 2.
Top (L to R): Zoe-Vasilia Fountotos, Mia Crnogorac, Chengyu Li, Thomas Koutavas, Eleni Grouva.
Bottom (L to R): Chrysovalantou Saroukos, Stamatia Stathakopoulou, Victoria Kyrakides, Gina Zhang.

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