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Steve Maras awarded SA Life Member of Property Council of Australia




Steve Maras, Managing Director & CEO of Maras Group, has been announced as an honorary South Australian Division life member of the Property Council of Australia and was awarded at The Property Congress in Adelaide on Tuesday, September 12.

The Property Council of Australia inducted Mr Maras as a life member in recognition of his educing contribution to property industry and due to his tireless dedication to the Property Council and the industry at large.

At the industry’s premier national conference, Mr Maras was presented on stage by CEO Mike Zorbas and SA Premier Peter Malinauska.

In receiving the award, Mr Maras said he felt honored to bestowed a life membership.

“I want to thank Mike Zorbas, Michael O’Brien and the entire Property Council Board.”

“It is great to work in an industry with so many great people. The relationships and friendships you make are lifelong,” Mr Maras said.

Steve Maras.

Between 2011 and 2023, Mr Maras was a Property Council SA Division Councillor and the SA Division’s longest serving President (2015-2020), during which time he sat on the Property Council’s National Board. 

Serving on numerous boards, advisory groups and committees, Mr Maras gives back mightily to the community through his charity, Living Without Limits. He is currently the Group Managing Director and CEO for the Maras Group. 

Property Council Chief Executive Mike Zorbas said in the announcement, during Mr Maras’s time on the SA Division Council, “there was great change across government, industry and the economy, including four Premiers, four Opposition Leaders, six Planning Ministers, four State Treasurers and three Lord Mayors.”

The Property Council’s role in providing thought leadership and leaning into public policy was elevated with Mr Maras on board.

“His leadership on a simplified state Planning system, suburban regeneration, CBD placemaking, property and investment is impressive and yet his hallmark would be the significant land tax reforms achieved despite the previous SA Government trying to force the industry into accepting a punitive and retrospective aggregation through its 2019 State Budget,” Mr Zorbas added.

Mr Zorbas noted it was one of the most significant state-based campaigns in his recent memory and personal view. It required difficult professional and personal choices over many months for both management and division council.

“When combined with the Property Council’s successful advocacy to abolish commercial stamp duty in 2015, the list of ‘bread and butter’ business achievements during his tenure is formidable.” 

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