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Stephen Fry presents proposal for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece




Acclaimed actor, comedian and Philhellene, Stephen Fry, presented his proposal to deal with the controversy of the Parthenon Marbles at an event in London attended by over 60 people.

Fry said 3D-printed replicas made of Pentelic marble could be given to the British Museum, while computer-generated artificial reality will be used to show visitors how the genuine pieces were returned to Athens.

Back in August 2021, Fry also spoke about this proposal during a special ‘In Conversation’ webinar with Greek Australians hosted by The Hellenic Initiative of Australia.

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Stephen Fry and David Hill in conversation at the webinar last year. Photo: The Greek Herald / Andriana Simos.

“There is a way of returning [the Parthenon Marbles] which would solve so many problems,” Fry said at the time.

“That is, we live in a world where it is technically possible to create a fantastic, let’s call it ‘Parthenon Experience’ in the British Museum.

“Because they’re marbles, a cast can be made of them so the British Museum can keep an almost identical cast of everything they’ve had for the last 200 years and then pack up and send the originals by lorry and train and boat… and we’d watch them be placed in the magnificent new Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Stephen Fry is a passionate Philhellene.

“So with that ‘Parthenon Experience’ in the British Museum, you would get everything you get now plus you would see this magical moment in which the marbles were restored to their rightful place. It would be such a classy act and Britain frankly needs the world to see it do something classy.”

This campaign has been backed by businessman, Ioannis Lefas, human rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, and Mark Gallagher of PR Agency Pagefield Communications.

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