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Second senior Greek bishop dies from COVID-19




A second senior bishop in Greece has died of complications caused by COVID-19, with Metropolitan Bishop of Kastoria Seraphim passing away at the age of 61 on Tuesday.

Seraphim tested positive on December 8, being admitted to Thessaloniki’s 424 General Military Training Hospital with mild symptoms. His condition began to quickly deteriorate and, on December 20, he was transferred to an ICU.

The late bishop was born in 1959 in the village of Agnandero, in the region of Karditsa, central Greece.

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of 4,402 Greek lives so far, including Metropolitan Bishop Ioannis of Lagadas, 62, who died in mid-November.

Several other senior clerics of the Greek Orthodox Church have been hit with the virus during the pandemic. Archbishop Ieronymos, the 82-year-old head of the Church of Greece, was hospitalised for nearly two weeks.

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