Pontians call on Australian Government to condemn Azerbaijan over ‘brutal’ Armenia attack


The Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia has called on the Australian Government to condemn Azerbaijan for its “brutal” attack on Armenia, which has killed hundreds and displaced thousands.

In an official statement, the Federation said: “This unprovoked attack on Armenian sovereignty, territory and integrity must be denounced by the international community.”

A meeting of Greek, Armenian and Assyrian community members. Photo: Supplied to TGH

Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have recently flared up over territorial claims, transpiring into armed conflict earlier this month.

The fresh hostilities are the deadliest spate of violence between the two bordering nations since 2020, with total fatalities currently placed at 286.

Both nations have traded blame over the deadly clash.

According to Armenia’s defence ministry, the hostilities erupted on September 13, when Azerbaijani forces unleashed cross-border attacks in the early hours of the morning using “artillery, mortars, drones and large-calibre rifles” that killed at least 49 Armenian troops.

Azerbaijan has denied instigating the fighting, claiming its troops had responded to “large-scale provocations” by the Armenian military, maintaining that Armenian forces had fired at Azerbaijani military positions in the Dashkasan, Kalbajar and Lachin regions.

Map produced by Aljazeera.

During an official visit to the Armenian capital on Sunday, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said that the United States deplores the recent attacks by Azerbaijan and called for a negotiated solution.

The Pontian Federation described the attacks as “brutal,” “unconscionable” and a “modern manifestation of the genocide committed against the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek people over 100 years ago.”

“The recent attacks are a continuation of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides of 1914-1924.” the Federation said in its statement.

“It is no coincidence that the attacks took place on the days when these Christian populations were commemorating the anniversary of 100 years since the holocaust of multicultural Smyrna, when more than 125,000 Greeks and Armenians were massacred by the ideological ancestors, sympathisers and collaborators of the Azeri government.

“Such attacks will not stop until the world unites against this level of aggression and unjustified violence.”

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