Pompeii archaeologists discover fresco depicting mythical Greek siblings


A remarkable discovery has been made during an excavation in the ancient city of Pompeii of a lavish painting portraying mythological Greek siblings, ABC has reported.

Dating back over 2,000 years, the painting, which was found among several frescoes during restoration work around the mansion of the House of Leda, is still colourful.

Pompeii, photo: James Frid

“Among the IV Style decorations that cover the back walls, the mythological painting depicting Phrixus and Helle fleeing on the ram of the Golden Fleece stands out,” the Pompeii Archaeological Park wrote in a statement on its website.

In the scene, Phrixus rides the ram while his sister, Helle, is portrayed falling into the water. The imagery captures a moment from the Greek myth, showcasing the siblings’ escape from their stepmother, Ino.

Remarkably, the fresco is depicted as if it were a framed picture, hanging on a yellow wall.

Source: ABC




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