Peter V’landys encouraged to take on role of NRL executive chairman


The Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman Peter V’landys has been encouraged by NRL clubs to assume the role of NRL executive chairman once Chief Executive Andrew Abdo leaves the role.

The reason behind the push for the new role was due to V’landys’ great handling of recent contentious issues in the rugby league.

V’landys has successfully intervened in NRL game crisis’ – including helping break the stalemate with the players over their collective bargaining agreement and addressing cost and visa concerns raised by four NRL clubs playing in Las Vegas for the first round of the NRL on March 3.

His commendable actions have left some clubs to suggest for him to be made executive chairman.

Andrew Abdo is the current NRL chief executive. Photo: The Australian.

Matt Tripp, the Storm chairman said that he supported the appointment of V’landys as executive chairman.

“We would not oppose it. The more PVL has to do with the game of rugby league, the better off we will be as a club,” he said.

“He continues to drive great outcomes for the game and a full-time role would generate even more positive results for the code.”

V’landys, however, has ruled out the possibility of that happening.

He said “No, no interest whatsoever”.

If V’landys took on this full-time NRL position, it would mean he would need to leave his role as chief executive of Racing NSW, which he claimed he has no intention of doing.

“Although I much appreciate the support of the chairmen and CEOs, I’m not interested, especially considering we have an outstanding CEO,” V’landys said.

NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo revealed “No one has ever mentioned that to me. I have an excellent relationship with my chairman”.

“We have worked well together for four years, and I am proud of the results we have achieved. Peter’s vision for the game and his drive to succeed motivates all of us.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.




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