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Owner of Betros Bros frustrated due to rise in alleged assaults on staff by shoplifters




The owner of supermarket Betros Bros in Toowoomba, Queensland has been left frustrated as repeat shoplifters allegedly assault his staff and customers, A Current Affairs (ACA) has reported.

Bevan Betros released CCTV footage to ACA showing two young females entering his store and helping themselves to confectionary items and hiding them in their clothing. A staff member can be seen asking the pair what they’re hiding and taking a photo.

When the manager attempted to stop the pair from leaving, one of the girls appeared to throw a punch before a scuffle breaks out. Customers stepped in to try and restrain the girls, while the manager called police.

Both teenagers eventually escaped the store, but not before one of the girls threw some more punches at a customer who had helped restrain her.

Mr Betros told ACA he wanted to bring this alleged attack to the public’s attention because of his frustration that the same offenders keep returning.

“Customers assaulted while they’re waiting at the checkout? That’s disgusting,” Mr Betros told the Channel 9 program.

“These same offenders keep coming into the store and doing what they like thinking they can just walk out with the goods.”

Mr Betros stressed that despite this, the Betros Bros continues to be a safe space to shop.

Queensland Police have confirmed a 13-year-old and 17 year-old girl were arrested and charged with public nuisance and stealing offences.

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