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‘Most successful multicultural nation’: Scott Morrison’s Australia Day message




In a special Australia Day message, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reminded Australians that the past year was “difficult,” but “we can and will get through these difficult times.”

“In a year where much of the world has struggled under the strain of the global pandemic, Australians, together, have prevailed, in our own Australian way,” Mr Morrison wrote in his message.

“From the kids who made masks for others and who studied remotely; to the aged care residents who endured difficult COVID restrictions: every Australian has played a part responding to a once-in-a century pandemic.”

The Prime Minister then went on to acknowledge and reflect on Australia’s history and the “privilege of being able to call ourselves Australians.”

“Today, we honour 60,000 years of Indigenous history; draw strength from our representative democracy that is a beacon to free peoples; and express our gratitude on the bounty that is ours as the most successful multicultural nation on Earth. These stories do not compete with each other, they simply coexist and are woven together,” Mr Morrison said.

“We are a decent, fair, enterprising, and generous people who respond to whatever challenge is put before us. We are a people “one and free” who look out for each other and our neighbours, and are always striving to do better.”

The statement from Mr Morrison concluded with the Prime Minister wishing everyone a “Happy Australia Day” and expressing his hopes for the future.

“Whilst our celebrations will be different this year because of the pandemic, we look to the future with hope and optimism – understanding that together we can and will get through these difficult times.”

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