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NSW Government encourages everyone to celebrate their grandparents




Grandparents Day is right around the corner and the NSW Government is encouraging everyone to take the opportunity to show their grandparents how much they mean to families and communities.

NSW Minister for Seniors, Mark Coure, said grandparents play a significant role in supporting the family unit, especially for children.

“Grandparents are the backbone of NSW families, supporting parents, teaching values, and connecting to family history,” Mr Coure said.

“I know many of us can recall having special moments with our grandmother or grandfather, like going on outings together or visiting their house for the holidays.

“These are all incredibly cherished times for both ourselves and our grandparents.

“While we can celebrate grandparents every day of the year, Grandparents Day is a particularly special time to acknowledge and say thank you for all that they do for us.”

Grandparents Day, which is this Sunday (30 October), is a chance to reflect on the special intergenerational bond between seniors and their grandchildren, and the special recipe for love that only they can offer.

“Everyone that takes on the role of a grandparent plays a vital role in family life, building special relationships across all age groups and cultures,” Mr Coure said.

“Please remember to pick up the phone or go and visit your older loved ones this Grandparents Day.”

NSW residents can nominate a Local Grandparent of the Year, to recognise the grandparents that help make their community a diverse, active and inspiring place to live. Contact your local State Member of Parliament for more information.

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