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Nick Giannopoulos and his ‘Wog Boys’ embark on farewell tour




In an emotional return to the Enmore Theatre for the Sydney premiere of his latest film, Nick Giannopoulos, took a nostalgic look back at his journey from a Richmond milk bar to becoming an Australian entertainment icon.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the same stage that witnessed his first show in 1985 will host his farewell tour, “Wog Life,” in March, promising a trip down memory lane for his devoted fans.

“All us kids who were from immigrant parents, they decided to call us the wogs,” he told Insider. “Even though we were born here, we didn’t feel like we belonged here.” “In a strange way, at school, by deciding to call ourselves wogs, it kind of gave us the power back”.

Giannopoulos first created the groundbreaking show “Wogs Out of Work” in 1987, highlighting the lack of cultural diversity on Australian screens at the time. The success of the show led to the creation of the hit television series “Acropolis Now,” a landmark moment for multicultural representation on prime time TV.

Photo: Josie Hayden

Today, despite the progress made, he acknowledges that discrimination is still here, especially towards newer immigrant communities. “Because what it means to be an Australian is very different now to what it was 30 or 40 years ago,” he mentioned.

The farewell tour, “Wog Life,” serves as both a celebration of Giannopoulos’ career and a reflection on Australia’s evolving cultural landscape.

Are we better or worse? Giannopoulos is not sure. It’s on to a different race now, he reasons, according to the Daily Telegraph. The Italians and Greeks have worked hard, proven their worth – it’s the newest to arrive that cop it.

“Are we as racist now? Ask anyone with an Asian, African or Arabic background and let’s see their answers to that question,” he said.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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