Mytilineos sources helicopters and crew from Australia to fight fires in Greece


Industrial conglomerate Mytilineos has sent helicopters to Greece to aid the battle against the country’s raging wildfires. 

Flying and supporting staff consisting of more than 20 pilots, engineers, and translators are on-board the BELL 214 BI helicopters and are en route from Australia to Greece. 

“From the first moment that the magnitude of the disaster became apparent, MYTILINEOS decided immediately to help in the most appropriate way. In collaboration with the Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Company aimed to offer firefighting helicopters, which were most needed by the Fire Department,” a press release from Mytilineos reads.

“These helicopters, after being approved at operational level by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, are handed over to the State of Greece, in order to contribute to the extinguish of the active fire fronts in the country.” 

“[Four] helicopters are on their way to our country and will remain for 60 days from the date of their arrival, in order to avoid the risk of resurgence or new wildfires, while the cost of the helicopters (€ 3.3 million) is fully undertaken by Mytilineos.” 

“Experts will adjudicate whether the wildfires that engulfed the country were the result of long-term deficiencies and state problems, or an additional proof of the catastrophic effects of climate change. Mytilineos is the first Greek company and one of the first industries in Europe and worldwide, that set clear targets to minimise its carbon footprint, while its entire strategy is governed by the principles of sustainable development.” 

“Our commitments are being matched by deeds and every time our homeland calls us, we try to be useful, in a crucial and effective way. We also pledge to assist in any effort of rebuilding the burned areas and of reforestation of the woods.”

“Mytilineos has proven over time that it is always present during difficult times of our country. This disaster has shocked us all. We knew that there was a need for aerial firefighting, however, there is a terrible shortage worldwide. We did what was humanly possible and found the most advanced Erickson firefighting helicopters and brought them from Australia to Greece. Along with a crew of 20 people – pilots, engineers and even translators,” Vivian Bouzali, General Manager of Communications and strategic marketing, tells The Greek Herald.

“These helicopters, with a cost of 3.3 million euros, fully covered by Mytilineos will remain in our country for two months. Until the last spark that threatens our homeland goes out. Mytilineos will also contribute both to the reconstruction of the burned areas and to the reforestation of our natural wealth.”

“…We hope that all Greek and international companies to invest in sustainable development. It is up to all of us to contribute to the future of our planet – to the future of our children,” Ms Bouzali concludes.




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