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The best modern Greek Christmas songs for the family




Apart from Carols, there are many modern Greek songs for Christmas, which are either new, or are different versions of an already known song. For instance, Kostas Tournas has performed the “White Christmas” that we know originally by Frank Sinatra, while Sophia Vossou has performed the “Silent Night” by Machalia Jackson.

Christmas songs from abroad cover a wide range of genres from pop to rock and jazz, and the Greek versions offer a similar variety of choices for all tastes – listen to Agia nyhta by Anna Vissi for instance.

Pop singers have also contributed to the Christmas tradition, either performing known Christmas songs with Greek lyrics, such as Rudolf to Elafaki (Rudolf the Reindeer) or We wish you a Merry Christmas, with Helena Paparizou. Some of the pop singers who have performed Greek songs for Christmas are Christos Dantis, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Anna Vissi, Kaiti Garbi, Despoina Vandi and more.

Some popular Greek songs for Christmas are:

  • Lampis Livieratos – Ta Hristougenna horis esena
  • Thanos Petrelis – Simera ta Fota
  • Efi Sarri – Christougenna Protochronia
  • Glykeria – San Xristougenna
  • Antzi Samiou – Ta pio glyka Xristougenna
  • Konstantinos Xristoforou – Einai Xristougenna
  • Thanos Kalliris – Ta Xristougenna me sena
  • Tamta – Efxes apo t’ asteria
  • Eirini Merkouri – Agie mou Vassili
  • Despina Vandi – Kalanta
  • Sakis Rouvas – Chronia polla
  • Thanos Kalliris – Xristougenna ksana
  • Konstantinos Xristoforou – Xristougenna xoris esena
  • Foivos Delivorias – Hristougenna
  • Imiskoubria – Christougenna Simainei
  • Filoi Gia Panta – Xronia polla
  • Michalis Hatzigiannis – Mistletoe and Wine
  • Mixalis Xatzigiannis – Protoxronia protominia
  • Manos Pyrovalakis – I allagi tou xronou
  • Notis Sfakianakis – H mpalanta ton Xristougennon

Sourced by: Greek Songs and Greek Music

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