Multiculturalism minister boosts funding for vulnerable temporary visa holders


Emergency grant funding has been set up by the NSW Government to support vulnerable temporary visa holders and specialist migrant and settlement services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Acting Minister for Multiculturalism Geoff Lee yesterday announced $4 million in support funding is now available for those in need.

“Vulnerable temporary visa holders are increasingly at risk of hardship since the onset of the pandemic,” Mr Lee said.

“We know that specialist migrant and settlement organisations have had to really step up in extremely challenging times to support some of the most vulnerable in our society with their most basic necessities.  

“This has also taken place at a time where there has been an overall decline of volunteers and resources supporting these organisations due to the pandemic.”

The increased funding comes on top of the $2 million of grants already distributed to provide immediate emergency relief to asylum seekers.

“The funding will provide a much-needed helping hand to provide emergency relief including food, medical support, telecommunications, transport and essential housing.” 

Grant funding will also be available to support culturally appropriate case and support workers, transportation and outreach services to connect with isolated community members and interpreting and translation services.

For more information about the program, grant eligibility and application forms go to:




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