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Multicultural NSW strategic plan sets new language and culture goals for 2025




Multicultural NSW have laid out their vision and goals for the 2021-2025 period, looking to build upon social cohesion and language understanding in the state.

The strategic plan affirmed the requirement of all people to demonstrate a “unified commitment
to Australia, its interests and future”, irrespective of their linguistic, religious and ancestral

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Government recognises Australia’s unique diversity as
a “social and economic asset”.

“It builds an inclusive society, enlarges our economy and talent pool, boosts productivity and encourages innovation,” the Premier said.

“NSW was the first Australian state and only the second jurisdiction in the world to enshrine multicultural principles in legislation. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for people from all backgrounds to participate fully in our social, economic and political system, knowing it enriches NSW overall.”

The strategic plan made a strong commitment to providing easier access to language services in the State. Multicultural NSW will:

  • ensure the delivery of cost-effective, high quality and trusted language services
  • provide leadership to safeguard the sustainability of the NSW language services industry
  • promote the value of language services
  • improve access to service delivery through more user-friendly applications
  • respond proactively to the language needs of small, new, and emerging communities
  • build pathways to interpreter training and increase the capability of current interpreters in NSW.

Minister for Multiculturalism Dr Geoff Lee said the plan has “designed and embedded a fluid, forward-thinking approach which brings together contemporary knowledge, lived experience, deep understanding and innovative practice.”

“It seeks to connect and unite people, build on our population’s strengths and grow capability within the community and across sectors,” he said.

Multicultural NSW looks to build community resilience through robust relationships that inspire people to foster social cohesion, stand united against divisive forces and come together in times of need. They plan to do this through:

  • strengthened leadership and effective community engagement
  • expanded partnerships and networks at the local level across NSW
  • the delivery of a social cohesion messaging
  • an expanded COMPACT program
  • the implementation of a revised COMPLAN.

“Cultural diversity is our reality – a stronger cohesive society is our goal,” the strategic plan said.

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