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Most Greek adolescents have positive view of migrants




Most Greek adolescents are in favour of equal opportunities for migrants, according to a survey carried out by the University Mental Health Research Institute last year and whose results were made public on Wednesday on the occasion of International Migrants Day. 

According to the survey, which was carried out on a sample of Greeks aged 11, 13 and 15 last year, six in 10 (57.7 percent) said they had positive feelings toward migrants and refugees, with 25.3 percent declaring themselves as neutral and 17 percent negatively disposed toward them. 

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 90.6 percent said they believe the children of migrants and refugees should have the same educational opportunities as Greek children. 

Eight in 10 (79.5 percent) said they thought they should be allowed to hold on to their traditions and way of life and 77.3 percent said they believe they should have the same rights as Greeks.

Sourced via Ekathimerini.

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