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Kefalonia Mayor: Some people just want to burn down our houses




Kefalonia Mayor Theofilos Michalatos made an announcement regarding fires that have sparked havoc in the late hours of Friday night, forcing many people to desperately try and save their homes.

Drawing attention of Kefalonia residents, the mayor emphasised that “some people are trying to burn down our houses”. The mayor then went on to claim that many of these fires have started as a result of arson attacks.

Photo: Kefalonia Press

“We would like to draw the attention of all residents and visitors of our Municipality to be on alert because we have received multiple arson attacks.

“Some are trying to take advantage of bad weather and burn our property and homes.

“We are on constant alert and immediately inform the Fire Department and the Police.”

Photo: Kefalonia Press

The mayor has asked all residents of Kapandriti and surrounding areas to evacuate to the nearby town of St George with a wet towel, small container of water, medicine and basic personal items.

Members of the Attica Security will be arriving on the island for investigations, along with a huge reinforcements from the Athens Fire Brigade.

“We are all on the streets and protecting our property,” the mayor said in a statement.

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