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Mary Couros pushes for release of report into culture of Adelaide City Council




The reported ‘toxic culture’ spreading within Adelaide City Council will be revealed in a tell-all report to be released to the public within a month-and-a-half.

Two months ago, the council voted to keep the report secret until 2028 on the basis of staff advice. The findings of the investigation by external contractors have not even been revealed to the council’s elected members.

Deputy Mayor Mary Couros pushed for the release of the report and received the unanimous support of her colleagues on Tuesday night.

The report was commissioned by the council last year after its dominant Team Adelaide faction raised concerns about strained relationships between some elected members and the council’s administration.

It is understood the report details the extent of the problems between councillors and staff, as well as investigating dissatisfaction among staff with the overall administration of the council and the behaviour of some councillors.

Adelaide City Council acting chief executive Claire Mockler said she had already engaged lawyers to prepare the report for public release.

Ms Couros said releasing the report would “end this discussion” and stop “lingering” scuttlebutt about the culture of the council.

Cr Alex Hyde said the treatment of some staff had been “heartbreaking to say the least”

“I think our staff deserve better, I think our staff deserve to be heard,” Cr Hyde said.

“I think any bad behaviour that may or may not be present … should be aired and it should be aired publicly.”

Cr Phillip Martin declared a conflict of interest on the basis that Cr Couros previously suggested he was mentioned in the report, while Cr Anne Moran – who has regularly clashed with other councillors – was not in the room.

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