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‘Little Maximos’ clears sea of jellyfish to help Greek autistic boy swim without difficulty




In a time of self preservation and struggle, it’s rare to see people go out of their way to help the less fortunate or people in need. Maximos, a fan of Yianni from ‘My life with Yianni’ Facebook page, decided to do exactly this by going to Yianni’s swimming spot and clearing all of the jellyfish.

The Facebook page ‘My life with Yianni’, translated to English from ‘Η ζωή μου με τον Γιάννη’, presents stories from the life of a mother, Ada Stamatatou, with her adult autistic son Yianni.

Ada shares almost daily updates of Yianni’s struggles as he moves through life with autism. Ada shared yesterday that a young boy by the name of Maximos, a fan of Yianni, decided to help clean the sea of jellyfish where Yianni would swim.

In fact, when Ada arrived at the beach with her autistic son, Maximos was sitting on a tree and watching if any of them had escaped him.

Αυτός είναι ο Μάξιμος.Φανατικός θαυμαστής του Γιάννη και αναγνώστης των περιπετειών του!Σήμερα πέρασε όλο το πρωινό του…

Posted by Η ζωή μου με τον Γιάννη on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Facebook Post:

“This is Maximos. A fanatical admirer of Giannis and a reader of his adventures! Today he spent his whole morning cleaning the place where we swim with Giannis from the jellyfish. “So that the jellyfish don’t bother Giannis anymore”, he said to Ada. No one has done anything as touching for my John as this gesture of Maximos’ offering. A child raised with empathy. When we got to the sea he was sitting on a tree at the edge of the bay as a bass guard and saw from above no one got away! Thank you Maximos from the bottom of my heart.”

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