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Labor calls for grant to tailor COVID-19 messaging for multicultural communities




Today, Labor is calling on the Morrison Government to fund a $500,000 COVID-19 Communications Grant for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities so these communities can better use their networks to effectively communicate vital information.
Labor has been raising concerns about COVID-19 communications with CALD communities since March and it is clear that the Morrison Government could and should have been doing more to engage with Australia’s modern multicultural society.
We must ensure no one is left behind during this ongoing pandemic – a virus does not check someone’s cultural background before it infects them.
Labor wants every communication barrier to be broken so the right information reaches all communities which is why we are calling for a $500,000 COVID-19 Communications Grant for CALD Communities.

The Morrison Government needs to better support CALD communities and engage with community leaders who represent emerging communities during this public health emergency.
The grants would provide up to $5000 to eligible providers and community leaders to:

  • Break communication barriers within existing official health information.
  • Provide translation of messages through appropriate publications where they are currently lacking.
  • Build resilience and improved engagement with emerging CALD communities (with emphasis on smaller, grassroots organisations).

This means more resources to translate and print COVID-19 newsletters, publications, signage, websites, advertisements, brochures, video, radio and public service announcements from existing official information services.

The grants could be used to fund successful applicants to participate in any official COVID-19 training offered by local, state and federal governments.

This is a difficult time for all Australians and it’s essential everyone know how to look after themselves and those around them.

Labor is putting forward this constructive suggestion to help bring Australians together, keep Australians safe, and ensure no Australians are left behind.

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