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Kogarah Bay Sunnyside mansion redevelopment denied by court after councillor objection




The application for the redevelopment of Kogarah Bay’s historic Sunnyside mansion has been refused by the Land and Environment Court.

According to The Leader, Truland Development Pty Ltd was seeking approval for demolition of existing structures, conversion of the heritage building known as Sunnyside into a dwelling and communal facilities, and construction of a new seven-storey residential flat building with 50 apartments and two levels of basement parking at 186-188 and 190 Princes Highway and 2, 4 and 6 Lacey Street, Kogarah Bay.

The building is regarded by some as the oldest property in St George and Sutherland Shire.

 An impression of the block of flats that was proposed next to historic Sunnyside. Photo: The Leader

In a submission to the court, Georges River Councillor Nick Katris, who is an architect, called on the application to be rejected due to it’s excess height and bulk, which would impact adjacent neighbours at the rear of the proposed development

Cr Katris also objected on the grounds of the impact on a heritage item, the insufficient setback of the proposed development from a heritage item and excessive height and non-compliance with the maxim height limit.

The Land and Environment Court’s Commissioner Dickson refused the development application finding the proposal would result in an unacceptable effect on the heritage item, its setting and its significance particularly having regard to the proximity of the new building to the heritage building.

The historic Sunnyside mansion at Beverley Park. Photo: The Leader

The Leader writes that Commissioner Dickson accepted the agreed position of the heritage experts that the proposed development would result in the positive outcomes with the enhancement of the heritage significance of Sunnyside including works proposed to be undertaken in the Schedule of Conservation Works.

“However, on balance I find that the heritage impact to the item from the proposed development is of such detriment that it outweighs the positive benefits arising,” the Commissioner said.

Cr Katis hailed the court’s decision to refuse the appeal.

“This has been a long time coming but it’s a great success for the community,” Cr Katris said.

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