Hellenic Village members discuss Kemps Creek property sale at Annual General Meeting


Member representatives that sit on the Board of Directors of The Hellenic Village Ltd held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week.

During the AGM, a number of topics were on the agenda. The President presented his annual report, the financial reports of 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 were approved, and an update was provided on the sale of the organisation’s 105-acre Kemps Creek property in NSW.

According to The Greek Herald’s sources, the property is said to be valued at over $100 million and has garnered interest from a number of buyers.

In December 2020, The Greek Herald reported that an allocation of profits from the property sale would be invested back into the Greek community for a cultural building or toward existing Greek Australian initiatives for the benefit of the wider Greek Australian community.

After that: (1) some of the profits would go towards paying the Hellenic Village’s debt, or (2) a portion would go back to the associations who have shares in the property, in order to reimburse costs relating to the ongoing maintenance of the property.

Following discussion around the property, the elections of the new Board of Directors for the next two years were held.

The re-elected Board members were: George Mpliokas, John Petropoulos, Peter Siomos, Andrew Kalavritinos, George Lianos, Sam Pashalis and Andreas Kolovos. George Kafataris, Eve Tusa (Dimitriadis), Phillip Koinis and Elias Sioutas were also elected.

Outgoing Board members Sotirios Katsianas and Panayiotis Achilleos did not seek re-election.

On Monday, March 13, the Board held its first meeting of its new term to review action items, confirm priorities and elect office bearers. It was unanimously agreed at the meeting that the President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary all be returned to their positions for the new term.

The new Board of Hellenic Village is as follows:

  • President: George Mpliokas
  • Vice President: John Petropoulos
  • Vice President: Peter Siomos
  • Secretary: Andrew Kalavritinos
  • Treasurer: George Lianos
  • Assistant Secretary: Eve Tusa (Dimitriadis)
  • Assistant Treasurer: Sam Pashalis
  • Directors: George Kafataris, Phillip Koinis, Andreas Kolovos, Elias Sioutas




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