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Greek minister requests ‘trust’ from public over tourism opening




Greece’s deputy minister for Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, requested Greeks trust concerning the gradual tourism reopening with countries abroad.

The government recently announced their plans to reopen tourism to visitors from abroad as of July 1, without subjecting them to coronavirus tests and a mandatory quarantine period.

Speaking at the government’s regular public briefing on Thursday evening, Hardalias assured that the opening of the economy and its vital tourism sector is being carried out according to a detailed plan that will be reviewed on a regular basis and revised as needed.

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“We understand citizens’ concerns about tourism but there must be trust,” he said. “We still have 40 days ahead of us to get ready and to reliably guarantee that all safety standards are met.”

While citizens are hesitant to allow foreign tourists into the country without the 14-day quarantine period, Harliadas announced that from the 2,236 passengers who traveled to Greece between May 13 and 20, only one tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the government plan unveiled on Wednesday, international flights will resume on June 15 but only from countries that have successfully contained their infections numbers and only to Athens.

“Our weapon is the passport of security, reliability and health that our country has won. Its great fame. The shield of health in every place of hospitality. And of course, the passion of the Greek who is always inspired by the hospitality of the Greek god of Zeus,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday.

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