Greek language conference at Macquarie University gets support of two Greek ministries


The Greek Language Institute of the Centre for Research and Innovation “TIMENOS” of the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM), the Education Office of the Greek Consulate in Johannesburg, and the Modern Greek Studies Programme of the Department of MCCALL (Media, Communication, Creative Arts, Language and Literature) of the Faculty of Arts of Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, are co-organising the 2nd Online Conference on: “Modern practices in the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language.”

The Conference will take place online on January 27 and 28, 2024, to coincide with the celebration of World Greek Language Day and is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Conference is an event for academics, PhD candidates and post-graduate students in a research area related to the topics of the Conference, for graduates of the Departments of Education and Greek Philology, and generally, for all those who are involved in the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language. It also targets teachers of the Greek language as a second/foreign language who teach abroad, Greek-speaking schools and teachers who teach the Greek language to students who are culturally diverse (from migrant and refugee backgrounds) within Greece.

Eleni Griva, Professor of Applied Linguistics from the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education and Director of the Institute of the Greek Language of the UoWM, stated that language teaching is a continuously evolving process, in line with the radically changing educational conditions and is adapted to the modern needs of students and teachers.

Eleni Griva
Eleni Griva. Photo: LinkedIn.

Presentations will focus on issues and challenges regarding Greek language teaching within Greece and in the diaspora and modern pedagogical approaches and teaching practises. 

The two-day conference is another innovative partnership between the University of Western Macedonia, the Education Office of Johannesburg and the Modern Greek Studies Program of Macquarie University, signalling the ear of future constructive collaborations with Dr Georgios Vlachos and Dr Patricia Koromvokis. 

The Education Coordinator of the Greek Consulate in Johannesburg, Dr Georgios Vlachos, stated that the conference will focus, inter alia, on the development of research in current practices and approaches of teaching Greek as a second/foreign language.  

Educational material and digital media will also be presented which, through their adoption and implementation, will contribute to the better teaching quality of Greek as a second/foreign language. 

The collaboration between the Education Office in Johannesburg and the two universities, the University of Western Macedonia with Professor Eleni Griva and Macquarie University with Dr Patricia Koromvokis, in addition to the presence of academics as keynote speakers and to the presentations of Greek language educators, will result in the greatest possible benefits for the teaching of Modern Greek as second/foreign language. 

Dr Patricia Koromvokis, Lecturer and Director of the Program of Modern Greek Studies at Macquarie University, stated that the international collaboration with Professor Eleni Griva and Dr Georgios Vlachos will play a key role in the effective reform and modernisation of the learning and teaching of Greek language in the diaspora of Australia, always aligned with the contemporary language needs of students and the urgent need for professional development of the teachers. 

More information (regarding the submission of abstracts and the key topics) can be found on the conference website:




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