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Greek fighter jet crashes into sea, pilot safely rescued




A Greek Air Force F-16 (Block 52+ variant) fighter jet crashed into the sea near the small island of Psathoura in the northern Aegean.

The pilot successfully ejected from the single-seater aircraft using the ejection system. He was subsequently located and rescued by a Super Puma helicopter and was transported to a hospital for medical attention.

According to a press release from the Hellenic Air Force, the fighter jet, assigned to the 337th Squadron of the 110th Fighter Wing, was engaged in a training flight over a designated firing range area at the time of the incident.

Upon receiving notification of the crash, authorities swiftly deployed a Super Puma and a Sikorsky S70 helicopter from Marathon, a Canadair from Thessaloniki, and the frigate Aegeus, with assistance provided by the Coast Guard.

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias spoke over the phone with his Turkish counterpart Yasar Guler on Wednesday after the crash of the F-16 fighter jet.

In a post on platform X, Dendias wrote that Guler “conveyed to us his satisfaction for the successful outcome of the rescue operation of the pilot of the Greek Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft, as well as his warm wishes to him.” 

Source: Ekatherimini.

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