Greek billionaire Alki David to bring marijuana empire to Australia


A billionaire weed merchant, who was arrested with 5000 cannabis plants on his private jet in the Caribbean, plans to open shop in Australia. 

Greek Coca-Cola bottling heir Alki David, who is part of the Leventis family, has told Daily Mail Australia he has big plans to expand his medicinal cannabis operations down under. 

Mr David revealed he was looking to distribute his Swissx brand of products throughout the country and create a weed-lovers resort off the coast of Australia. 

Based out of Switzerland, Swissx is described as the Red Bull for cannabis and boasts its cannabis oil contains 65 per cent cannabidiol (CBD) – a non-psychoactive part of the plant hailed as a cure for disease.

As cannabis laws in Australia continue to be relaxed, the bong smoking billionaire plans to move in. 

‘Australia is championing changes to cannabis laws in March, which is great,’ he said. 

Last September, the ACT Legislative Assembly passed a bill legalising possessing and growing cannabis for personal use in the nation’s capital. 

From this month Canberrans aged over 18 are allowed to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants.

Victoria was also the first Australian state to legalise medical access for cannabis patients back in 2016, with most states following its lead.   

Mr David said he recently returned to St Kitts at risk of being jailed to submit a constitutional case to allow the sale of hemp. 

‘The law is wrong,’ he said. ‘The state has accepted our case to represent that hemp should be exempt from the cannabis act. And it’s going to happen which is great news.’

Mr David said he was in the process of organising import licences to bring his cannabis products, which include strains named Swissx Cherry Wine and Donald Trump, into Australia.

‘There is a huge opportunity for hemp farming in Australia … these are tough plants that yield three or four times a year,’ he said.

‘Bringing that farming knowledge and the efficiency of the farming to Australia is something that, to tell you the truth I haven’t fathomed the potential, because the opportunity is massive.’

Part of his plan includes a Swissx resort similar to one he operates in Malibu. 

Mr David purchased the Malibu mansion, which once belonged to the granddaughter and heir of legendary Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor, for $19 million. 

‘I’ve looked at a number of private islands (around Australia),’ he said. 

Mr David said the Swissx Island would be a ‘wellness experience’ that he hoped would see visitors get whacked on the most potent hullucinogenics known to man.  

‘It’s known on YouTube as the spirit molecule. It is so profound – the change to our perception of what reality is that it’s the most powerful medicine that we have. It’s the greatest technology that we have,’ he said. 

‘It is a three-day vomit show of existential experiences where the mystical aspects of these experiences effect your very thinking and your very being.’

Mr David said these ‘transformation holiday experiences’ were already operating in certain parts of the world where they were legal, including Antigua, Italy and Mexico. 

‘The drug laws around the world are really bizarre,’ he said. ‘How it’s okay in some countries to have magic mushrooms and peyote legalised and in other countries these are Class 1 narcotics. 

‘In other countries they are sacraments to churches and others they are Class B narcotics. It is completely a cross-cultural dynamic that is fascinating.’

Mr David said he had gained support from the World Health Organisation, which was instructing governments to legalise cannabis. 

‘There is a massive movement in the world right now which is truly transforming our entire species,’ he said. 

Mr David described our time as a ‘golden age’ which would only get better. 

‘In Australia there is a huge movement  … there are movements of plant medicine lifestyle,’ he said. ‘My intention is to bring plant-medicine wellness to Australia as best as I can … Cannabanoids are part of the arsenal of medicine that is revolutionising our species.’

Mr David has a long list of celebrity endorsers, including Mike Tyson, Scott Disick of Keeping up with the Kardashians, guitarist Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, hip-hop artists Snoop Dogg, Chief Keef, and Lil Wayne, as well as cannabis legend Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong. 

‘I can show you 100 major, global clinical trials that prove cannabis kills most cancerous cells,’ he said.  

Speaking from his Californian mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Mr David gave an insight into his strange world, which includes a genetically cloned dog named Vader.

So identical is the dog to its genetic father, which was also named Vader, he shares the exact same birthmark on his tongue.  

‘He’s seven months old. One year ago he was a concept. The DNA from my previous dog was replaced into the DNA of a surrogate that was merged with her cells and impregnated into her eggs and then she gave birth to four exact atomic copies of my previous dog,’ he said. 

So impressed was Mr David with the outcome that he hired the Korean doctor responsible and made him his head geneticist. 

‘So we’re starting to make some interesting plant genetic modifications,’ he said. 

Mr David said he was fully licensed in California to grow 99 cannabis plants in his own home and drive around with up to eight pounds of weed. 

‘I can smoke this thing anywhere I choose to because I have a licence from a doctor that I paid for because the powers that be that govern society on a global scale deem that it’s time to deregulate the most sacred plant we have,’ he said. 

 Mr David said his company is already shipping hemp products to Australia with a 0.001 per cent trace of THC – the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. 

‘Our products are legal even ahead of the Cannabis Act and we ship today to Australia,’ he said.   

Mr David said he had much love for Australians. 

‘They’re as naive as all f**k and they are beautiful for that,’ he said. 

Asked for one message to Australians about his plans, Mr David reverted to his company slogan – one he passionately believes in. 

‘It’s for the higher good.’

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