Coronavirus: Greece to accelerate recruitment of medical staff in hospitals, labs, entrance gates


Greece has decided to accelerate the recruitment of health personnel as one of the alert measures of the country to deal with possible infections of coronavirus. This was decided at the meeting of the National Public Health Council on Monday with the aim to shield Greece against the disease.

Recruited will be doctors, nurses, paramedics and lab specialists who will fill personnel shortage sin hospitals, laboratories and entrance gates in the countries.

Professor for Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras said after the meeting that in the coming weeks there could be a coronavirus infection in the country.

He revealed that  28 “pseudo-suspected cases” have so far been tested in the epidemiological laboratories, and that all tests were “negative.”

Health Minister Vassilis Kikkilias advised citizens to pay no attention to rumors and follow the protection guidelines by the epidemiologists at the National Health Organization.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Chinese nationals have increasingly purchased masks to sent them to China.

The President of Pharmacists Association in Piraeus, Konstantinos Kouvaris, told newsit that Chinese nationals were buying masks in bulks, 200-300 masks, to send them to relatives in their home country. They would come from Cosco, from the port form cruise ships, especially in the first days of the coronavirus outbreak and we would not know why, he added.

Sourced via Greek Media Group.




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