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Greek Australian students shortlisted for Whitlam Institute’s literature competition




The “What Matters” 2023 Shortlist has been announced by the Whitlam Institute of Australia, and among the shortlist are two Australian students of Greek heritage.

The students are: Stella Maroulis from The Armidale School with her piece The Art of Observation, and Sotiris Bakalis from Oakleigh Grammar with his work What Matters- A Green Future.

For this year’s award, students from around Australia were asked to write about topics connected to modern issues such as artificial intelligence, the environment, people living with disabilities and the need to lower the voting age.

The experienced markers said that they were overwhelmed by the number of insightful responses and encouraged students to have their say on what matters to them for next years competition.

*Please note: If you are a Greek Australian student who was also shortlisted, please send us an email to info@foreignlanguage.com.au

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