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Greece’s Prime Minister pledges to ‘fix sins of the past’




Re-elected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has pledged his conservative government would “fix the sins of the past” and over the next four years cut taxes, boost wages and pensions, and repay bailout debts earlier than expected.

According to kathimerini.com, the leader of the centre-right New Democracy party said in his first parliamentary address since the election that his party received a mandate to move fast with reforms.

Mitsotakis pledged to help the country achieve robust growth, regain this year an investment grade credit rating, and repay earlier than expected bilateral loans from Greece’s first bailout agreement with the eurozone.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Prime Minister promised to give pensioners a one-off annual bonus again this year, extend measures to shield households from a cost-of-living crisis and increase a tax-exemption threshold by 1,000 euros for households with children from next year.

Mitsotakis also said the monthly minimum wage would be raised to 950 euros from 780 euros currently, while social security contributions would be cut by one percentage point. A business tax on the self-employed would be gradually reduced.

Mitsotakis says Greece, still the eurozone’s most indebted nation, can achieve primary surpluses of around 2 per cent annually, despite the relief measures.

Source: kathimerini.com

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