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Greece’s PM holds virtual meeting with Ambassadors abroad to discuss postal voting




On Wednesday February 7, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had a teleconference with the heads of Greek Embassies and Permanent Missions abroad, which was held for its third consecutive year. This initiative was established in 2022.

During the discussion, in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs George Gerapetritis also participated, a review was made of the actions of Greek foreign policy in the past year and an assessment of the country’s image on the international stage, while the multi-level challenges in the geopolitical landscape shaped by the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. 

It was pointed out that the position of Greece and its diplomatic capital have been substantially upgraded, while at the same time the strong recovery of the economy, the cultivation of an extroverted model and the credibility of the country are recognised internationally.

“I want to dwell in particular on a very important democratic conquest for our country, which is none other than the postal vote. We will need your help there, because in the next three months the registration platform will be essentially open, which will enable not only those who live abroad, but also those who wish to do so in Greece – you are more concerned with them who live abroad – to register so that they can vote in this way in the European elections”, said the Prime Minister during his introductory remarks.

“It is very important that you and all your staff and our consular authorities advertise this possibility to the Greek communities. And of course to be able to facilitate those who want to register. The process will be quite simple. It is a big bet for us to be able to attract as many of our fellow citizens as possible to the elections,” Mitsotakis emphasised.

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