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Greece’s Minister for Greeks Abroad asks diaspora to ‘keep the homeland in their hearts’ over Easter




Greece’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Kostas Vlasis, has sent an Easter message to Greeks abroad, saying the priority this year “is the protection of our health and the health of our fellow human beings.”

“Under normal circumstances, during these Holy Days we meet in the churches so that we can all experience the spirit of contemplation during the greatest celebration of Christianity,” Mr Vlasis wrote.

“This Easter will be different for all of us… That is why we follow the instructions of the experts, we stay home and we stand by those who need us.

“This does not mean however, that we cannot understand the deeper meaning of these days. No matter how tough a test is, there is always light and hope at the end of the road. And this end is not far off.”

This positive message was punctuated by Mr Vlasis’ call for Greeks abroad to keep the homeland in their hearts to ‘draw strength’ during the coronavirus crisis.

Greek Orthodox Churches across the world remain closed due to coronavirus restrictions. Source: Yahoo News.

“In these difficult times, my thoughts and those of all of us here in our Motherland are always with you, the Greeks of the Diaspora, who are being tested away from your country. Stay united with faith and optimism. Keep your homeland in your heart to draw strength,” he stressed.

“After all, you are familiar with hardship. And you know that in the darkest moments our love for Greece is the compass that helps us cross the most inaccessible paths.”

Mr Vlasis concluded his message by wishing everyone a “Happy Resurrection and a Happy Easter with good health to all.”

“I wish that in the future we have the opportunity to celebrate these days healthy with our loved ones, wherever they are.”

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