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Greece’s emergency procedure for potential coronavirus outbreak revealed




Specific measures, which will come into force if Greece possesses a case of the coronavirus, have been announced by government spokesman Mr Stelios Petsas.

In particular, he emphasised that the government will proceed with legislative action that will include five key articles:

The first article deals with measures to prevent, monitor and restrict the spread of the disease. These include, inter alia:

– Conducting preventive checks on entry and exit points through the country by air, sea, rail or road links with countries with high prevalence of the disease.

– Temporary restriction, in whole or in part, of air, sea, rail or road links to countries with high prevalence of the disease.

– The temporary suspension of the operation of schools and all kinds of educational establishments, places of worship, theatres, cinemas, venues for sports and arts, businesses, public services and organisations, and generally enclosed public places.

– Restricting the movement of vehicles.

The second article deals with personnel issues to counter the spread of coronavirus. These include, inter alia:

– The possibility of moving medical and nursing staff as well as EKAB staff.

– The possibility of recruiting, by way of derogation from all existing provisions, health, medical and nursing staff.

The third article deals with public procurement issues and in particular the direct market, by way of derogation from all the provisions in force, sanitary material, personal protective measures and medicines.

The fourth article deals with issues of forced disposal in the State, private clinics and clinics, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), hotels, private housing services, other public or legal entities of public law.

The fifth article relates to the Ministry of Health’s extraordinary financial grant to cover the emergency needs of medical, nursing and healthcare personnel, to purchase materials and to take protective measures.

As Mr. Petsas pointed out, “preventive measures are being taken while preparing for the possible outbreaks and the general consequences they may have. The Ministry of Health is on alert in this regard and has already taken a series of steps. 13 reference hospitals have been designated, with all hospitals, Health Centres, EKAB, EODY, the Committee for Infectious Diseases and Specialists on standby.”

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