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Warning issued as rare cyclone heads to Greece this weekend




As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Greece is bracing for a mega-storm this weekend that meteorologists are saying will bring intense rain and wind to much of the country.

Greek scientists have named the storm “Ianos” and predict it will hit Greece around September 17 or 18 at its current speed. Estimates suggest the harsh weather will appear first in the southern Ionian islands on Thursday, September 17.

The storm— called a Mediterranean Cyclone or Medicaine— is a rare occurrence in the Eastern Mediterranean and although never as powerful as even a category one hurricane, the storms pose a huge hazard because of life-threatening torrential rains and flash floods.

Greece’s Deputy Minister for Public Protection, Nikos Hardalias, warned citizens about the danger of the storms, advising them to avoid outdoor and marine activities during the coming days.

Mr Hardalias also asked citizens to secure any objects that could be taken up by winds, and to remain in safe shelter during the severe weather.

A similar storm hit Greece in late September 2018 and caused extensive damage in Athens and elsewhere in the country.

Several flights were canceled at the time and schools were closed. Many islands reported gale-force winds during the storm’s passage.

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