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Turkey issues third NAVTEX for illegal survey activities in East Med




Turkey on Monday night issued a new navigational telex (NAVTEX) for the continuation of survey activities of its Oruc Reis vessel until September 12.

The NAVTEX was the third renewal in a row for the vessel which has been moving between Greece and Cyprus for several weeks.

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Warships from Greece, Italy, Cyprus and France, participate in a joint military exercise which was held from 26-28 of August, south of Turkey in eastern Mediterranean sea. Photo: Greek Defense Ministry via AP.

It followed a statement by Greek government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, who said the recent threat of EU sanctions gave Turkey an “exit strategy” from the evolving crisis in the east Med.

“It is in Turkey’s interest above all, with its economy shaken and so many open fronts, to realise that right now Europe is offering it a way out … (allowing) the peaceful settling of our differences to define maritime zones between the two countries,” Petsas told state ERT TV.

Late Monday night, Pope Francis also expressed his concerns over the tension in the east Med on Twitter.

“I appeal for constructive dialogue and respect for international law to resolve the conflicts that threaten the peace of the peoples of that region,” he wrote, without naming the countries involved.

It seems Turkey has not yet heeded any advice.

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