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Greece urges Turkey to condemn flag incident on Kastellorizo




Greece has called on Turkey to condemn and investigate what it said was an “insult” to its national flag on the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

Greek media reported that a Turkish drone dropped red paint on a Greek flag painted on a rocky hillside next to the Kastellorizo port on Saturday.

“We blatantly condemn yesterday’s insult of the Greek flag on Kastellorizo,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“We expect Turkish authorities to immediately condemn and investigate the incident, so that the culprits are brought before justice. Such unacceptable actions only seek to torpedo prospects for easing tensions between the two countries.”

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There was no immediate comment from Turkey.

Greece and Turkey disagree over a range of issues, including where their continental shelves extend.

Tensions flared up last month after Turkey sent a seismic survey ship into disputed waters to map out sea territory for possible oil and gas drilling.

A Turkish and Greek warship collided during the standoff. Since then, Turkey has recalled the Oruc Reis and the two countries have agreed to restart exploratory talks.

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