Erasure of Tempi train crash victims’ names on Syntagma Square sparks outcry


The decision to remove the names of the 57 victims of the 2023 Tempi train catastrophe, which had been painted in red on the pavement of Syntagma Square in central Athens has sparked outrage from the people.

According to Ekathimerini, the removal took place during a gathering on Wednesday to commemorate the accident’s one-year anniversary.

Names of Tempe train crash victims written on Syntagma square erased
Names of Tempe train crash victims written on Syntagma square erased. Photo: Ekathimerini.
The tempi train crash victims' memorial. Photo:
The tempi train crash victims' memorial. Photo

The Municipality of Athens’ deputy mayor for cleaning and recycling, Roxani Bey, stated on Thursday that the victims’ names were removed by a municipal cleaning team that is deployed after rallies and protests, welcomed by the official Parliament guard.

“I categorically state that I never ordered anything like this to happen and I was never informed of this unjustified action, which I strongly oppose. The criticism leveled is absolutely justified,” Bey said.

In addition to Bey’s apology, Athens’ Mayor, Haris Doukas has pledged to erect a monument in memory of the victims of last year’s railway disaster in central Greece.

“The City of Athens is committed to ensuring that the names of the victims of the Tempi train crash remain indelibly etched in our collective memory,” Doukas said.

“The City of Athens unites its voice with that of the citizens calling for justice,” Doukas added.

“Mere apologies are insufficient.”

Source: Ekathimerini




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