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COVID-19 vaccination not yet a priority for Stefanos Tsitsipas




Tennis world No.3 Stefanos Tsitsipas hasn’t had his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and neither is he in a rush to get it. 

Tsitsipas, 23, says he’s accepted that he will likely be required to roll up his sleeve by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) at some point but that he still has reservations. 

“No one has told me anything. No one has made it a mandatory thing to be vaccinated,” he told reporters. 

“At some point I will have to, I’m pretty sure about it, but so far it hasn’t been mandatory to compete, so I haven’t done it, no.”

Tsitsipas appeared in a Greek government ad campaign to help promote safety measures to help fight against COVID-19 earlier this month. 

His advocacy for a “carefree” summer also followed his embrace of the perks of lockdowns. 

“I actually think they should put us in lockdown once a year – it’s good for nature, it’s good for our planet,” said in an Instagram Live on Eurosport’s page in May 2020. 

“I actually think it will be environmentally very beneficial.” 

“Life is such a hustle, and you never get the time to spend with your family and connect with them. Now it’s an opportunity to do so,” Tsitsipas said.

He went on to tell reporters that he’s struggled in the ATP Masters 1000 tournament’s ‘bubble’ environments in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Source: Yahoo Sports

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