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Greece leads the European Union in smartphone recycling




Boasting an 18 percent recycling rate, Greece has been ranked first in the European Union for recycling smartphones.

On average, the European Union only sees 10 percent of Europeans recycling their old mobile phones, with Greece, Austria, and the Czech Republic the leaders for recycling technology.

In terms of the Eurostat data, it found that 17 percent of Europeans opt to give or sell their old smartphones to individuals outside of their household, whilst 2 percent discard their phones without considering recycling.

Recycling Smartphones. Photo: Business Insider

With Greece being considered first in recycling, the country also demonstrated commendable performance in recycling old laptops and tablets, securing a 16.5 percent rate.

Addressing the results, Eurostat notes that with the escalating use of information and communication technology, Greece’s recycling procedures will inspire many other European countries to follow in their footsteps.

Source: Waste Advantage Magazine

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