Greece bid to expand cooperation with US universities


American universities have shown a strong interest in cooperating with their Greek counterparts, Education Minister Niki Kerameus discovered during a visit to the US this week, with the first exploratory visit of US university officials to Greece expected at the end of March. 

An online seminar organised by the Greek Education Ministry ahead of Kerameus’ visit to the US had already pointed to significant interest with representatives of 120 US universities taking part. 

During her visit, Kerameus met with Marie Royce, US assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, for talks on the prospects for boosting cooperation between US and Greek universities.

Among the key goals are the formulation of joint study programs, the participation of American students in foreign-language courses at Greek universities, and the exchange of students and researchers.

In late March or early April, a delegation from US universities – most likely including representatives of certain Ivy League institutions – is to visit Greece for exploratory talks on possible projects.

Kerameus, who met with representatives of several American universities including Georgetown and Harvard, appeared upbeat about the prospects for cooperation in comments to Kathimerini.

“Our relationship with the US is at a very good level. There is fertile ground for cooperation in education, particularly between American and Greek universities,” she said. “We are working with this goal in mind, aiming to bring the two sides closer.”

On January 24, International Day of Education, the Foreign Ministry is organising a seminar where foreign-language postgraduate programs are to be showcased as well as the first English-language undergraduate course at a Greek university in archaeology, history and the literature of ancient Greece.

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