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Gangland-style shooting in Athens leaves six dead




Six men have been killed in a violent shooting that occurred on Monday, September 11, in East Attica, Athens.

The incident is believed to be related to a territorial dispute between rival criminal organizations. The victims were found inside and near a car with German license plates. While it is suspected that they may have Albanian heritage, the police have not revealed any information about their identities.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots at round 6pm in the town of Artemida, located approximately 20 kilometers from Athens.

“We heard shots, a volley of many shots,” one resident said, while another said that he was “in the house and suddenly I heard gunshots. More than 100-150 shots,” one witness said.

The sound of rapid gunfire, resembling automatic weapons, continued for a significant period of time.

“At first I thought there was a wedding going on. I went outside, went to see what was going on and what I saw was really horrific. Four people in the car dead and two outside. I called the police, they came. That’s what I saw and that’s what I heard. At about 6 o’clock in the evening, quarter to 6,” another witness said.

The police have launched an investigation and are searching for a car and a motorcycle that may have been involved in the ambush.

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