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Fronditha Care says ευχαριστώ (thank you) to its brave staff




Fronditha Care is thanking its brave workforce that have been working in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as it celebrates Aged Care Employee Day on Friday 7 August, 2020.

The not-for-profit aged care provider, which specialises in the care of linguistically diverse elderly Australians, has chosen to shine a light on its quiet achievers over this pandemic period. The eight employees and teams chosen come from across its residential care homes and its community services and are frontline staff who have shown dedication and leadership during a highly volatile COVID-19 period.

One of the employees, nurse Eleni Tsaousis, was one of the first to volunteer to test Fronditha Care residents who showed apparent COVID-19 symptoms.

“She donned the PPE and was in there without fear,” her colleague Elena Bendrycheva RN said.

L-R Elena Bendrycheva RN, Eleni Tsaousis EN. Photo: Supplied

Another employee is Peter Egan-Lee, a PCW who mans the visitor reception at Fronditha Care’s HIPPOCRATES (Newcastle) facility.

“I want to provide reassurance and laughter during these hard times,” he says.

“I want every visitor leaving the facility with the feeling that staff and management are doing everything to keep us all safe and happy.

Aside from individual excellence, the whole team at the THALPORI (St Albans) care facility were thanked after going into full lockdown after a staff member and resident tested positive.

“I have an amazing team and I thank them wholeheartedly,” THALPORI Residential Manager Sue Donaldson says.

“Our staff have shown great bravery and leadership following a positive staff and resident COVID-19 case at one of our facilities. They have donned their PPE armour every day and gone in to help our most vulnerable.”

It has been a challenging period for all at Fronditha Care, its CEO Michael Malakonas says.

“I can’t express how demanding this time has been for all of our staff and the family members of the ones we care for. It is a precarious time and our staff have shown great agility and resilience. Caring for the most vulnerable group, they have been working with heightened vigilance since the pandemic was declared in February this year; yet despite the challenges we are all facing, they continue to love, care and support our elders daily,” he said.

“But I am beyond thankful to our brave staff who have become warriors against this invisible enemy. They truly are heroes.”

Aged Care Employee Day is a national day is designed to celebrate the individuals involved in the journey of caring for older Australians.

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