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Tsipras claims Greek government is unable to put the brakes on disaster




Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday noted the government’s inability to respond to the crisis and put the brakes on the disaster, in an interview with iEidiseis.gr.

He also criticised Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the way the government handled the lockdown exit: “It is shocking how in three months he managed to turn the citizens’ initial success on the health front into a fiasco”.

He said that the Mitsotakis’ government was “like an empty box in extremely fancy wrapping, which when it finally opens is a shocking disappointment.”

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Tsipras expressed his worries over the economy: “One cannot claim that the major crisis that Greek society is already experiencing will suddenly subside and give its place to an economic miracle,” he said, adding that the “employees and the small- and medium-sized enterprises face a return of the harsh period of 2012-2014 and will be the ‘losers’ of the crisis.”

On the EU package from the Recovery Fund, Tsipras said that a series of investments and reforms are necessary “which will further a shift to a new model of sustainable growth in a modern digital environment”.

The opposition leader also sent his condolences and expressed his solidarity with the people of Lebanon “in these tragic moments,” in a post on his Twitter account following the massive explosion in Beirut.

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