Fronditha Care honours International Women’s Day with Patricia Karvelas


Fronditha Care, a leading provider of aged care services, had acclaimed journalist Patricia Karvelas as its special guest celebrating International Women’s Day 2024.

Faye Spiteri OAM, Fronditha Care CEO, hosted the event with over 60 guests, who were captivated by the hour-long conversation that covered a range of topics from the origins of IWD to the ‘controversy’ over the annual theme of IWD and exploration of the progress made over the years in areas of women’s empowerment and leadership, gender equity, representation and inclusion.

Ms Karvelas, emphasising the significant strides made over the last 100 plus years, shared stories and reflections of her personal and professional journey. She paid homage to the generations of women that came before, who paved the way for the rights and privileges of many women today.

Patricia Karvelas
Patricia Karvelas. Photo: Supplied.

“We must never forget the struggles of previous generations, especially the women who grew up under very different conditions and who fought hard against their circumstances for a better society and future. And the challenges and inequality many women especially in areas of conflict across the world are currently facing. We must remember too that no right is guaranteed, and we must continuously fight for our rights because long held women’s rights, as we have witnessed in the USA, can be reversed”, she said.

Discussing the voices of women whose lived experience has been marginalised because of their social class, their sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, their cultural identity, Ms Karvelas recognised the women of migrant and First Nations backgrounds who navigated and overcame desperate conditions alongside societal pressures to rise above the accepted social mores of their time.

Speaking about the recent Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) report on the Gender Pay Gap data, Ms Karvelas noted its profound implications for societal cohesion and progress.

She articulated the benefits of wage equality, not only as a matter of fairness but also as a catalyst for economic growth and social stability.

Patricia Karvelas
Patricia Karvelas with Fronditha Care team members and other stakeholders. Photo: Supplied.

She emphasised the transformative power of diversity, particularly within organisational contexts and noted how in her observations, inclusive workplace environments foster innovation, creativity and collaboration.

“When you have people women and men from different backgrounds, you have different perspectives and opinions, so you broaden your horizons and this benefits everyone – not just women,” she said.

Ms Karvelas also spoke to her strong connection to her Greek cultural heritage, how her identity was shaped by the indelible influence of her older sister and grandparents who raised her after the loss of her parents at a young age. Ms Karvelas also addressed questions from the audience in relation to her professional journey as a journalist and the future of the media landscape and shared her thoughts on how to gain work life balance.

“It was such a pleasure to have Ms Karvelas with us – her candour, passion and enthusiasm impressed us all. She is a true influencer and her drive, determination and dedication to her profession, her family and community will continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for many women and men,” Ms Spiteri said in her closing remarks.

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