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Football fans in Greece will need ID-linked tickets when stadiums reopen




Football fans in Greece will now be required to use a state-run digital identification app on their mobile devices for purchasing future match tickets, following the security ban on fans which expires next month.

According to Ekathimerini, this action is part of a broader initiative to crack down on sports-related violence, which previously led to a two-month closure of soccer stadiums until February 12. 

Greek Sports Minister Yiannis Vroutsis disclosed details of the new ticketing rules to a parliamentary committee on Monday.

Mr Vroutsis highlighted the challenge of identifying individuals entering stadiums, proposing that a mobile phone could automatically verify a person’s ID with their ticket. 

Greek Sports Minister Yiannis Vroutsis
Greek Sports Minister Yiannis Vroutsis. Photo: In Cyprus.

“So far, we have not been able to do something that’s obvious: To identify people who are entering a stadium,” the minister said.

“With the help of a mobile phone, a person’s ID can be automatically cross-checked with a ticket. Anyone without a cell phone won’t get into the stadium.

“From now on, when a supporter watches a soccer game, we will know his or her name, phone number, home address and assigned seat.”

Greece’s ongoing struggle with soccer-related violence has led to measures including using international referees in major games to address any bias allegations.

The Sports Minister outlined that the new mobile phone ticketing system, which will replicate electronic boarding passes, must be implemented by all 14 top-tier soccer clubs by April 9.

Additionally, he emphasised that mandatory surveillance cameras must be installed in all stadiums by March 6.

A separate arrangement will be designed to accommodate non-Greeks who attend the games. 

Source: Ekathimerini.

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