International conference brings Darwin to Greece and the world


The anglicisation of family names in Greek migrants, understanding interactions between Greeks and Indigenous Australians, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to teach Modern Greek, and more will be discussed at an international conference beginning in Darwin this week. 

The 4th International Conference on the Hellenic Diaspora begins in-person and online on May 31 at Charles Darwin University’s (CDU) Casuarina campus.

The conference, which first began in 2017, is an interdisciplinary collaboration between CDU, the University of the Aegean, and the University of Macedonia in Greece. 

It highlights research from individuals around the world on the Greek language, literature, identity and culture, migration, history of the Greek diaspora in Australia, experiences and perspectives of Hellenes and First Nations Australians. 

Presentations on day one includes Going English: The Anglicisation of Greek family names in migrant communities by journalist and author Phil Kafcaloudes, Intelligent Synergies: Leveraging Human and Artificial Intelligence for Mastery and Innovation in Modern Greek Language Education by Dr Nicolaos Bogiannidis, and Preserving Modern Greek in Melbourne Through Recordings by Dr Stavroula Nikoloudis and Professor James Walker. 

The second day of the conference will be hosted in-person and online by the University of the Aegean in Rhodes on June 29, and the third day hosted by the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki on July 12.

International conference brings Darwin to Greece and the world

CDU students who participate in the Greek In-Country language program will have the chance to attend the conference at the University of Macedonia during their study trip later this year. 

Conference organiser and CDU Associate Professor in Greek and Hellenic Studies George Frazis said the conference was a gathering of likeminded individuals keen to share their knowledge and research in the name of growing together as a society. 

“We believe in today’s world, collaboration and synergies is the answer to everything,” Associate Professor Frazis said. 

“Revealing the stories of so many migrants around the world makes CDU a university involved in the international arena. We’ve got papers delivered not only for Greeks in Northern Territory, not only for Hellenes in Australia, but also many papers on Hellenes in different parts of the world.”

The conference will be launched at a ceremony on May 30 celebrating the publication of Perspectives on the Hellenic Diaspora Volume 3, which covers the research presented at the 2022 conference as well as other academic papers. 

The launch will feature addresses from former Northern Territory Administrator the Honourable John Christopher Anictomatis AO, and His Honour Judge Anastasis (Tass) Liveris. 

The research presented in this year’s conference will be published in Perspectives on the Hellenic Diaspora Volume 4 in 2026. 

The full schedule and webinar links can be found on the program schedule page




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