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Dr Amy Manos becomes one of the first fully vaccinated pregnant women in NSW




Dr Amy Manos will become a mum for the first time this year — and is now also one of the first pregnant women in the state to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Reported by The Daily Telegraph, The St George Hospital-based registrar became pregnant with her first child in December last year, just before the Covid-19 vaccines became available.

“At that time and for most of my pregnancy the advice regarding vaccination for Covid was to not get vaccinated during pregnancy, so my plan was to get vaccinated post-giving birth,” Dr Manos said.

“As a health care worker I was in 1B but could not get vaccinated based on that official advice.”

But on June 9, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) recommended pregnant women could safely get the Pfizer vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.

Dr Amy Manos is one of the first pregnant women in NSW to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Photo: Daily Telegraph

“This is because the risk of severe outcomes from Covid-19 is significantly higher for pregnant women and their unborn baby,” RANZCOG said.

“They also found the vaccination was likely to provide some antibodies to the baby, passing through while still in the womb and in my breastmilk so I was keen to get that vaccination done,” Dr Manos said.

The day after, Dr Manos became one of the first in NSW to get her first dose at the St George Hospital Vaccination Hub.

“I was 26 weeks pregnant and fully vaccinated by 29 weeks,” the 31-year-old said.

“I was aware that pregnant women are immune-suppressed and at higher risk of complications of Covid and shown to be associated with premature labour in Covid-infected mothers so I wanted to do everything to protect myself and my baby, based on expert advice.

“I think it’s incredibly important for anyone in our community to get vaccinated when they are able to, particularly for pregnant women, because we do know we can be at a higher risk of complications if we get Covid.

“I want to be part of the message to push the benefits of vaccination in terms of keeping ourselves safe, keeping babies safe and keeping the community safe.”

Dr Manos is expecting a baby girl in September.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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